Being Kelly Slater

Being Kelly Slater

Hey kids! Ever wonder what it’s like to be a world-famous superstar? Do you want to feel what it’s like to be able to walk up to virtually any girl and say, “Hi, I’m Kelly Slater. You wanna go out tonight?” Or how about walking into Al Merrick’s shaping room and saying, “Hey, Al. Can I get a thirteen-board quiver delivered to my house next week? What about paddling out at macking Backdoor and getting any wave you want?[IMAGE 1]

All these things can be yours with some simple scissor work, a little tape, and this page of TransWorld SURF!

Step One:
Get some scissors and carefully cut out Kelly’s head.

Step Two:
Poke holes in Kelly’s eyes and ears.

Step Three:
Place the Kelly Slater mask on your face. Assume the role, score some chicks, get some free clothes from Quiksilver, call Pamela Anderson, do whatever the hell you want-you’re Kelly Slater!

Have fun and please be careful. Being Kelly Slater can be quite dangerous, so watch out for psycho groupies, crazy autograph hounds, and surf-media paparazzi.

Do not operate heavy equipment while wearing the Kelly mask.