I know you?ve seen this countless times, but here?s Slater exiting the water after winning an event. Photo: ASP

Perfection. Photo: ASP

Fanning Threw buckets all event. Photo: ASP

But had to drown his sorrows away. Photo: ASP

Eight-time World Champ Kelly Slater moved one step closer to number nine by winning the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. Now the only question is, Will he be at Bells?

Alright, back to the event. In a contest director’s dream final, Slates took on Reigning ASP World Champion and local boy, Mick Fanning, at Snapper Rocks. He pulled out two gems giving him a total of 17.94, and Fanning could only answer with a 15.23.

?It?s really satisfying,? said Slater. ?I didn?t feel like I really got into motion last year. Obviously Trestles was good with a win, but the end of the year was pretty lackluster for me. Even getting into the Quarters today I was thinking, ?This is the best result I?ve had in six months? It just felt great.?

Now back to the question. Will he be there? He has said he is only going to compete in select events this year, and Bells Beach isn’t one of them. Although, this does sound familiar. Oh yeah, in 2006 he said the same thing, but after winning at Snapper he went on to surf Bells, and win his eighth title.

?Yeah, I was in the same position back in 2006 and didn?t decide on Bells until two days before,? Slater said. ?The one thing that got me over the edge was the swell forecast and the fact that I was in Australia at the time. I was sort of at a low point personally with a lot of things and the event sort of kept my mind off it for a week or two while I was there ? it kind of got me in the swing of things for the year and I was coming off a lot of confidence from the year before, so the wins where coming easy in heats. I seemed to be making the right choices in the water and riding that wave of confidence from the year before.?

We’ll see, stay tuned!