Ben Brough | Solo Show

May 3rd - May 26th, 2012

A cornucopia of thoughts and after thoughts derived from the pages of both of nomadic and domestic recorded journals from 1998-2012. A sludge of styles and mediums of different sizes clash in a harmonious gathering to erect a present landscape. Images of food, music, coastal living, cinema, sex and landscapes are purely visible in his showing, enjoyable and highly vagrant. All lurking on the walls of AR4T in beach city.

AR4T Gallery is pleased to present Lights Out Beach City, Ben Brough's new solo show. Lights Out Beach City will feature works from six feet in size to 2.5--2.5-inches. The opening reception is on Cinco de Mayo, Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 6-9pm. The exhibition is free and open to the public through May 26, 2012.

Opening Reception
Saturday, May 5th | 6:00pm - 9:00pm
WITH GENEROUS SUPPORT from O'NEILL. Hope you can make it

A short Q&A with Ben:

1. Will this show touch on your life of travel?

BB: Yes, definitely. I spent a great deal of my youth on the move and truly loved the different places I ended up in. No matter what, it's influenced me wherever I was - that bar in San Sebastian Spain, getting a new surfboard in west Australia or hanging out on Catalina Island.

2. Why is AR4T the right gallery setting for this show and what are you going to do with it?

BB: Because the ocean is across the street and it's Lights Out Beach City ... I'm going to cover the space with paintings, collages, drawings and some empty wine bottles with the goal of making it all have a nice visual ring to it and making the moment pleasing to all who attend.

3. How does the California landscape influence your work?

BB: California has it all. I do miss Hawaii where I grew up, but you can go from the desert to the beach to the mountains and so many hidden gems all with the greatest of ease in California. The fast-paced consumerist lifestyle mixed with the richness of the laid-back surf history here, I've grown to see the great qualities of California.

4. Why delve back to 1998 for your work in this show?

BB: I wanted to put everything out there and somewhat behind me, kind of like an art cleanse. I like to work in different styles usually, and I wanted to see them all together in one room at one time. 1998 is the year I started really spending a lot of time abroad and recording images and fucking off on a professional level and enjoying life. Most of the work prior to this in inaccessible because it's either with owners or destroyed.