Ben Dunn

Ben Dunn

Age: 16

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 152 lbs.

Hometown: Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia

Sponsors: Rip Curl, Oakley, O&E, Dahlberg

Does the name Ben Dunn scare you? No? Well, it should. It should frighten your frilly little underpants clean off and leave you standing naked in shriveled, horrified panic. Why? ‘Cause the kid is a calculating killer, that’s why. Here’s his rap sheet to prove it. Case one: Bang, an under-sixteen slaying of competitors in the 2001 Quiky World Grommet titles. Case two: Back-to-back wins in the under-sixteen Rusty Gromfest, easily dismembering the biggest field of competitors in any junior event on the Australian surfing calendar. Case three: A fourth-place finish in the elite Billabong Pro Junior event at Rottnest Island. An event that Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning were eligible to surf in last year. An event Ben can enter as a junior for the next four years. Case four: Has two trips to Hawai’i under his belt, where he decimated huge Sunset and Hale’iwa and blasted Rockies to smithereens. Case five: His dad Marty is one of Australia’s most well-known and respected surf coaches who has trained Top 44 surfers Beau Emerton, Trent Munro, Lee Winkler, Darren O’Rafferty, and Phil MacDonald. Case six: He looks a bit like Doogie Howser. Case seven: He recently scored his own section on the highly respected AustralianWaves magazine video issue. Case eight: Had enough? It gets worse, people. There is no chink in his armor. He’s “The Ripper.” A genius. Board is scalpel. Lines are cut with surgical accuracy. Three victims per heat. Until he gets what he truly wants—the ultimate challenge. Mano-a-mano—WCT style. “Yes, I hope to do well from surfing,” he says with a sinister chuckle, then a laugh, then an all-out bellowing, “Boohahahahahahaha!” God have mercy, run for your mommy, and be afraid—be very afraid.


Note: Ben’s voice is only as sinister as any other croaky teenager in the throes of puberty. And he never said Boohahahahahahaha like some deranged über-villan. That was just thrown in for effect. He does, however, look like Doogie Howser, and that, my friends, is simply terrifying.—Adam Blakey