Best Wavepool Session Faceoff

surfing in wavepools

Red Bull Crew (Kolohe Andino, Cristobal del Col, and Evan Geiselman) At Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida

Filmer/Editor Cavin Brothers
Photographer Robert Snow

You’ve probably seen the photos and less than stellar quality video over on Surfline, but we’ve got the HD vid for you right here. These boys aren’t the best surfers in the world, but at their size and skills, this is a pretty legit clip.

Rip Curl Crew (Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright) At Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia

This is that video that Rip Curl worked with Time Slice Films using The Matrix technology of 52 cameras to produce. There’s six ASP World Titles in this wave pool session though, so already the ante gets up. But it seems like they’ve got a little bit bigger waves to work with.

So you tell us then, which wave pool session is better? And ultimately the best ever?

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