Bethany Hamilton Secures Victory At The First Event Of The 2004 NSSA Hawaiian Conference Season

As if making a remarkable comeback after her horrific shark encounter, winning ESPN’s “Comeback of the Year ESPY award, and securing one of this year’s Teen Choice Awards wasn’t enough, Bethany Hamilton has managed to amaze people from around the globe once again. Last weekend (August 21& 22) at the first event of the NSSA’s 2004/05 Hawaiian Conference Season, Bethany Hamilton achieved the unthinkable by winning 1st place in the Open Women’s division. The event took place at Pk’s on the island of Kauai in fun 3-4ft., highly contestable surf. The victory awarded Bethany 1000 points going into the rest of the season, a healthy lead to start things off with.

A year after her accident, Bethany Hamilton is once again making waves as a competitive surfer. In her new book, Soul Surfer, she shares the details of her terrible accident, explains how she overcame adversity, and talks about pursuing her dreams. This intimate account will inspire readers of all ages follow dreams of their own, no matter the odds. Soul Surfer will be on sale October 5, 2004 wherever books are sold.