Bethany Hamilton surfs big Jaws with some of the world’s best

Bethany Hamilton has long been an inspiration to surfers everywhere for how she famously overcame the loss of her left arm in a shark attack at age 13 to continue her career as a pro surfer. It only made sense, then, that on Monday, little more than six months after giving birth to her son, Tobias, Hamilton decided to tow-surf the towering waves at Jaws.

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“Today a dream came true for me, to surf epic Pe’ahi aka ‘Jaws,'” Hamilton wrote on Facebook after her ride. “I’ve always had a passion for surfing big waves and pushing my ability and today that’s what I got to do. Huge Mahalo to the Maui boys.”

Hamilton, 25, towed into waves that Magic Seaweed reported as topping out at 24 feet (by Hawaiian standards) for a part in her new movie, Surfs Like a Girl, by director Aaron Lieber, which aims to tell the story of her life now that she is more than a decade removed from her infamous shark attack.

“It was so fun to see how casual she approached each line on all of her waves,” Surfline quoted surfer Ian Walsh as saying. “You don’t need to look too far for inspiration when you see what she is doing day after day.”

Her latest feat grabbed the attention of surf photographer Brian Bielmann as well as fellow pro Lakey Peterson:

And now that she’s finally conquered the monster surf at Jaws, Hamilton seems to be all smiles.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by people I love who support and believe in my ability; And are there to help make my dreams come true,” she wrote online. “Thankful to the brim right now!”

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