Bethany Hamilton surfs Kelly Slater’s wave pool; video

Just last week, Kelly Slater announced to the world that he created a manmade lefthand to go with the flawless right he created a couple years ago.

As has been the custom since unveiling his wave pool to the world, Slater has had the best surfers ion the planet come through and try his wave — it’s one of the best reviews a wave pool could get, really.

Now, Slater can give pros the option of a right or a left. And the latest great professional to give Slater’s Surf Ranch a try is Bethany Hamilton, who partakes in both the left and the right.

“It’s actually like a dream because I’ve been wanting to work on my backside barrel riding,” Hamilton states in the video. “And today, I’ve gotten more backside barrels in one session than ever I think.”

And Slater even discusses Hamilton’s unique backside barrel riding approach as something that no one else in the world has.

Bethany Hamilton displaying her unique backside barrel riding skills.

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