Big Pacific Sunwear prepares for E-commerce launch.

Pacific Sunwear announced it has acquired the domain name in preparation for the June launch of its online store.

The site will offer the latest apparel available in Pacific Sunwear stores including merchandise from Quiksilver, Billabong, Roxy, Rusty, Redsand, and others. The company’s existing Web site is in the process of being updated and enhanced, and will debut with the e-commerce launch. The company’s existing Web address, will also access the Pacific Sunwear online store.

Also to be unveiled with the online launch will be Pacific Sunwear’s new community section¿PipeLine. PipeLine will feature many areas of interest to Pacific Sunwear’s teen customers including: upcoming events, feature stories, interviews, contests, news, free e-mail, and more.

The company will use the shortened address in all of its marketing efforts, the initial of which will be primarily concentrated on the company’s retail stores, encouraging its customer’s to “Get an e-Life.” The first promotion will include the “Get an e-Life Sweepstakes” offering a generous list of prizes. The company also intends to promote its e-commerce efforts through its national print advertising campaign.

In addition, Pacific Sunwear recently began an aggressive online and offline campaign to rapidly build its e-mail database to support a direct-to-customer marketing approach.

“Acquiring was very important to our new business and marketing,” says Pacific Sunwear Chairman and CEO Greg Weaver. “Our customers have identified us as PacSun for years. We are very pleased with the rapid progress we have made leading up to our launch. We believe there are a number of factors that will assist us in our online success including a nationwide retail presence, strong brand recognition, a proven merchandising track record, and the participation of our key brands. Our customers are very Internet savvy and have over 130-billion dollars of spending power. We believe that in a very short time PacSun will become a destination for teens to surf, chat, and shop.”