Big Surf For Final ESA Holiday Surfabout

Narragansett, Rhode Island– A huge off shore storm system kicked up some big rollers for the ESA Holiday Surfabout, the final rated contest of the season, today, at the Narragansett Town Beach. Locals traversed the shifty beach break with ease, running off with most of the divisional titles in the over head conditions.

“The surf today was about as good as the town beach gets,” said ESA Competition Director Mario Frade. “Some of the lefts and rights were not only holding up, they were barreling with some great form.” Taking advantage of the big barrels was Little Compton’s Chuck Barend, who led the charge with three big wins. He topped the competition in the Open, Senior Men, and Master Longboard divisions, and won the “Outstanding Surfer” trophy for the event.

Narragansett’s Matt Nota was on fire, charging through some big close-out sections and making it across the faces in the inside shorebreak, to win both the Boys and Menehune Longboard events.

Ross Ahlborg edged out Chris Orlando in the highly competitive Junior Men’s Final. Ahlborg picked off three outstanding left peaks and made the inside sections for high point rides. McGraghan and 3rd place finisher Pat Brown almost made 360’s, which would have pushed them into the winner’s circle. Neither surfer could get the final push to complete the move on the face.

Ana Barend found the perfect left barrel and tucked into it for the win in the Senior Women’s final heat. She duplicated that move on a hollow right hander, to take the Senior Longboard division.

Some big close-out poured in during the Men’s Final, and Tiverton’s Colin Cook took advantage. He squeezed out of a tight right tube and edged out Narragansett ace, Ryan Richer for the title. It was local ripper, Conrad Ferla finishing in 3rd place in that heat, when he pushed through one walled up section on the inside shorepound.

Narragansett’s Peter Pan led the elder crew, as he switch footed his way to the win in the Legends Longboard, and slid into a nice head high right barrel, to win the Legends Shortboard final. Boston’s Pat Redmond had another outstanding day in the head high shorebreak, pulling off effortless 360’s and “El Rollos” to win the Open Bodyboard division.

Final Results of the 2008 Holiday Surfabout

Held in 4-6 foot, near perfect conditions at the Narragansett Town Beach on November 15, 2008. Sponsors included Gansett Juice Surf Shop and West Wetsuits

Menehunes- 1.Cob Ingalls Boys- 1.Matt Nota Girls- 1.Mya Kotalac Junior Men- 1.Ross Ahlborg 2.Chris Orlando 3.James McGraghan 4.Pat Brown 5.Mike Viprino 6.Connor Gammons Men- 1.Colin Cook 2.Ryan Richer 3.Conrad Ferla Masters- 1.Nick Carter Senior Men- 1.Chuck Barend 2.Ron Belanger Senior Women- 1.Ana Barend 2.Melanie Kotalac Legends- 1.Peter Pan 2.Janice Causey Open- 1.Chuck Barend 2.James McGraghan 3.Chris Orlando 4.Pat Redmond 5.Mike Viprino 6.Nick Carter 7.Ron Belanger 8.Ana Barend 9.Peter Pan Open Bodyboard- 1.Pat Redmond 2.Peter Pan Menehune Longboard- 1.Matt Nota Junior Longboard- 1.James McGraghan 2.Chris Orlando 3.Pat Brown Master Longboard- 1.Chuck Barend 2.Ron Belanger 3.Nick Carter Senior Women Longboard- 1.Ana Barend 2.Melanie Kotalac 3.Janice Causey Legends Longboard- 1.Peter Pan