Big Things Go Down In Small Conditions At 6th Stop Of Ripcurl Gromsearch Tour Presented By Nintendo

Hunter Heverly grasped the handlebars tight. “This thing is sick!” Moments after sealing the boys 16 and under final with a tight arc to lip-slide combo, the stoked goofy foot took a look at his first place prize: a flashy, banana yellow mini street motorcycle, in which Xzibit couldn’t have pimped out better himself. “I canà­t believe this man,” gasped a still-dripping Heverly.

Forget that the G-Search missed a solid overhead swell by a few days, causing the East Coast GromSearchers to grovel it out for glory over waist-high dribble. When a “sup’d” up mini-street bike is on the line, the grimmest of conditions can come to life. And at the 6th stop of this yearà­s tour held August 20 at Kitty Hawk, NC, that’s exactly what happened. Nearly 80 Right Coast groms stormed out of the gates to scrap it out for GromSearch honors, as well as get that crucial invite to the National Rip Curl GromSearch Championships to be held in November at Salt Creek, Ca.

Big props go out to mini-mite Mike Agnew who dominated the 12 and under boys final. Riding a board small enough to be mistaken for a keychain ornament, the young talent smashed one particular wave with two valiant hacks worthy of a score of 8 from each distinguished judge.

In a closely fought three-way aquatic battle, emotions ran high in the boys 14 and under final. As the afternoon progressed and the onshore breeze turned the luke warm Atlantic ugly, the boys were forced to scrap it out in the quickly deteriorating conditions. When the dust settled, it was Virginia homeboy Alex Strangeways who took the nod from the judges over mini wave-killer Jonathon “J. Money” Mincher and Fisher Heverly. Strangeways resembled an in-form Cory Lopez circa 1997, as he linked up some impressive combos while riding a unique-looking fish design.

The 16 and under wahines held it down for the East Coast, as Alison Crute edged out Shannon Dunn in hotly contested final. Crute linked up two solid rides to overtake Dunn in the dying minutes of the final.

While the other divisions properly showcased the next generation of East Side talent, all eyes were on Heverly as he handled his business in the boys 16 and under final. Announcements from the comp MC Noah Garret rang out to the Kitty Hawk crowd, “The beauty about this contest is that not only is Rip Curl providing the winner with a bunch of loot and a street bike, but we’re also providing instant-stud status.” And from the look on Hunter’s face after gripping on those handlebars, the young man was ready to go for a ride.

The east coast leg of the Rip Curl GromSearch rolls onto New Jersey, set to compete in Seaside on Aug. 24. Log onto for more details. Big thanks go out to the ESA ( for all their help in the Outerbanks.

Thanks to GromSearch partners Nintendo, Monster Energy, FCS, Surf One, Sticky Bumps, ADD Marketing – making sure every grom walks away with tons of insane gear!

For more information and photos of the Rip Curl GromSearch or how to enter head to

Next Stop of the Rip Curl GromSearch:13th Ave., Seaside Park, New Jersey ñ August 24, 2005


Boys 12 and U
1. Mike Agnew
2. Keegan McLaughlin
3. Dylan Kowaiski
4. Cam Fullmer
5. Devin Chambers
6. Julian Payne

Boys 14 and U
1. Alex Strangeways
2. Jonathon Mincher
3. Fisher Heverly
4. Casey Goeper
5. Brandon Todd
6. Morgan Oà­Connell

Girls 16 and U
1. Alison Crute
2. Shannon Dunn
3. Jaclyn Thomas
4. Keaten Frey
5. Kelly Kenny
6. Jessica Lowcher

Boys 16 and U
1. Hunter Heverly
2. Brett Barley
3. Cash Barris
4. Vince Boulanger
5. Fisher Heverly
6. Ryan Zmunda