Big-wave surfer Francisco Porcella recalls brutal wipeout and jet ski save at Nazaré; video

Within the big-wave surfing world, Niccolo Porcella is something of a legend. The man continually takes back-breaking wipeouts and comes up smiling. His brother Francisco is of the same mold.

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During the December mega-swell at Nazaré that saw the running of the first Nazaré Challenge, Francisco and tow partner Axi Muniain both had a rough day. Porcella recalls the day and the wipeouts in a recent video interview.

Porcella first talks about his wipeout, on a bomb that he shared with Lucas Chumbo. Porcella remembers “spitting up blood” after that one, but staying out to tow Muniain into a few.

He then talks about the wave that nearly caused Muniain to lose consciousness. Muniain took a rather large wave on the head, Porcella eventually got to him but he was in very bad shape. And while struggling to get him on the ski, the duo were swept up by a second wave, losing the ski in the process.

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Another ski team came to the rescue, but the ski washed all the way up into the infamous cave on the beach at Nazaré. Porcella struggled trying to retrieve the ski himself. Muniain eventually regained his bearings and the team finally recovered the ski. After a quick trip to the hospital to make sure both were alright, Porcella can now smile looking back at the situation.

Lucas Chumbo deeper had a front-row view of Francisco Porcella going down hard.

Lucas Chumbo deeper had a front-row view of Francisco Porcella going down hard.