Big Wave Tour set to kick off in Puerto Escondido Friday

The first stop of the 2016-2017 World Surf League’s Big Wave Tour (BWT) is set to kick off Friday in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, due to an incoming south swell that forecasters predict will bring over 30-foot waves to the Mexican big-wave surfing spot.

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“The swell we’ve been tracking from the South Pacific has intensified and we’ve called the Puerto Escondido Challenge ‘on’ for a Friday start,” Peter Mel, the WSL’s BWT commissioner, said in an emailed press release. “We’re looking at 30-foot-plus waves projected for the day with favorable winds and tides.”

As reported by SURFING, the upcoming Puerto Escondido Challenge is the first-ever Big Wave Tour event to be called on at the infamous Mexican surf spot. While an event was scheduled there for last year’s Big Wave Tour, the notoriously fickle break (nicknamed the “Mexican Pipeline”) never presented a solid forecast during the contest window.

The event will include two dozen of the best big-wave surfers in the world, including the 2015-2016 Big Wave Tour champion Greg Long and runner-up Makuakai Rothman.

What fans tuning in can expect from the volatile, unpredictable wave, according to SURFING, is anybody’s guess.

“Greg Long, the Puerto fan of all Puerto fans, is notorious for waiting hours to catch a wave … then getting the wave of the summer, of course,” writes SURFING.

“Still, it'll be interesting to see how a moody wave like Puerto effects [sic] the competitive strategies out there. Given the time constraint of a heat, do you still selectively wait a while for a wave? Or do you send it on risky ones and possibly/probably get clobbered? Who knows!”

For fans looking to watch the event, the Puerto Escondido Challenge will be webcast live on the World Surf League’s website.

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