Big Wednesday Mailbox

Looking For The Code To Campaign
Where’s the code at for Campaign 1?
Zenn in Hawaii

To access the DVD Hidden Bonus material you’ll need these codes:
Dragon (Dorian) 2384, Hurley (Malloy’s) 1999, TransWorld (Slats) 3104, Atticus (Benji) 9145, Steele House (West Oz) 6468, Poor Specimen (Lifestyle) 7667, Fanning 8585, Volcom Boat 4811

We Rule
I’m a lifelong resident of North San Diego County and have been surfing for over thirty years. I don’t know you guys although it’s likely we’ve been in the same lineup over the years, but I did want to say congratulations. I read that you surpassed Surfing and are now the number two magazine. I may be older than your target demographic, but I love the edginess of your magazine and the higher quality product. Proof of that was highly evident in your issue with the Jamie O’Brien cover shot and absolutely sick sequence at Pipe. Surfing had the same two waves and there was no comparison, your presentation was hands-down superior. Great to hear a local success story.
Mike in O’Side

Thanks Mike. It’s true, we did beat Surfing Magazine on number of newsstand sales for the first time recently. It’s a good thing, too, because competition between mags only leads to a better product for you, our beloved readers (and local bros!).

Hey guys I’d like to thank you for making such an educated magazine. Being a beginner and all, it helps me so much. I go down to Cocoa Beach, Florida every summer now since 2003 and try my luck at surfing. I can’t believe Kelly Slater lives right near there! Anyway, I was wondering if I could get a few pointers for riding a 6′ shortboard. I’m 5’9 129.5 pounds
A crazy ass 14 year old

Tips on riding a 6′ board: Paddle like a madman and get ready to rip like the “crazy ass 14 year old you are. That and don’t drop in on the older guys, lest you become known as the “14 year old smooshed turd.

How To Start Clothing Company
I’ll be doing a high school senior project for next school year. My project is to start a surf clothing company. Can you help?

Old school: Wail a bunch of coke and use the immense profits to fund your new gig.
New school: Hire an “Action Sports expert to do market research and strategy, and try to get your gear in strip malls throughout the country.
Pick one and run with it.

Swiss Kiss
My name is Sarah and I’m writing you from Switzerland to let you know that you’ve got readers over here as well! I’m glad I subscribed to your magazine, I find it really cool; the pictures make me dream, and the letters section is simply stunning! Having the freedom to tell people what you really think about them is astonishing. If only could I have this same chance! I work in a bank, so I really can’t tell clients what they sometimes deserve…
Take care,
Sarah, 23, Switzerland.

It’s a little thing over here in America we call freedom. I’m sure our freedom-loving president would have no problem introducing your people to it via a massive invasion, I’d be happy to pay for with my taxes. In the meantime, can you send us some photos for the Model Search?

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