Big Wednesday Mailbox 1/10

TransWorld SURF’s Interior Design Advice
I wonder if you can help me, my names Sian, I’m 18 and I want to design my new room in a surfer style but I don’t know how to go about doing it. I want it in the style of Roxy (surfer make) and the colours of pink, green, white and black. I don’t really want wallpaper as I have had this before and I now want painted walls. I know you don’t do bedroom stuff on your site and you concentrate on clothes, but I was just wondering if you knew anywhere that did, or could give any relevant ideas that come to mind. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Back in the day, my brother and I would rip pages out of surf magazines and tape, glue, or use boogers to attach them to the walls of our room. However, seeing as you’re 18 and on the verge of not being a grom, it’d be best to find a lineup photo of some irie tropical spot and hire somebody to paint it on your walls like a mural.

Man Arm In Spain
In your Feb 07 issue, my roommate was looking at page 106, the picture of that kind of hot chick in Spain. But her left hand, even her whole arm looks pretty manly. It looks super big and darker. Either funny lighting or you guys are fucking with us.
Jimmy Freese
Kailua, HI

You haven’t heard of the Spanish ½ man ½ woman? He/She is unique to the Mundaka region and can actually morph into a desired sex with up to 80% authenticity, hence the “man-arm. Actually, Jimmy, the girl is quite pretty and simply the victim of wide angle lens distortion.

TransWorld Kiteboarding?
Any possibility of adding a kiteboarding magazine?
Tom Welles

Right after we start up In-Line Rollerblading Quarterly and Stand-Up Paddle Magazine (which will no doubt catch all the 7-11 rack space and just stand there doing nothing) we’ll cross that bridge.

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