Big Wednesday Mailbox 11/29

There Is Surf On Mallorca
Please tell Mr. Rogeven that there are many nice surf spots on the Balearic Island. I’ve been working two summer seasons on Ibiza and was able to go surfing nearly once a week in really pounding waves. On Mallorca the best waves are found in the northeast of the island – look for heavy mistral wind in the golfe de Lyon and you’ll find some nice riding possibilities
Aloha from Germany
Alex Hlsberg

This letter is in reference to one written several weeks ago about the potential of surf on Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

To Answer Pete’s Question…
In the 11/16 Pete’s picks, you have a picture of New Jersey where the caption asks if NJ gets storms from the north, shouldn’t it all be lefts? You’re correct; we usually get only lefts from Nor’easters. That particular picture is of Wooden Jetty, a spot about 15 minutes from my house. Wooden Jetty really is a left, however this picture shows one of the rare rights that come through occasionally. If he shot that pick about 2 seconds later you would see it start to get really thick and probably close out (trust me I’ve gone right in that exact spot and gotten smoked). Just thought I’d clarify for you, peace.
Surf Cat
New Jersey

It all makes sense now, Surf Cat. Thanks.

Why No Losness On The Cover?
I love your mag and I look forward to getting it every month or two every other month….such is mail in the Virgin Islands..but I have to comment on the December issue, which I actually received on time (shocker). I mean, seriously, 40-foot bomb drops made the cover? Props to Nathan Fletcher for the attempt, but the cover, followed by the short article? I guess I don’t know much, I am in da islands mon, but I think “The Hardest Working Man In Surfing” should have totally been on the cover with one of his sick air shots.
Megan Iffland
Virgin Islands

Eh mon? Why you no love for da bomb drop?
Watch The Mike Losness interview here

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