Big Wednesday Mailbox 2/21

Found The Aloha On The North Shore
This summer I made my first surf trip to Hawaii (okay, and to propose to my girlfriend...she said yes). Everything you’ve ever heard about Oahu was true–except for one thing: localism.
Granted, I didn’t pull up in a rented Chevy Malibu at Makaha and try to talk pidgen to da boyz, but we ran into a lot of locals in the water wherever we went. What hit me was the Aloha–it’s still there, and I don’t know who all these kooks are who say it’s not. It’s like they say, give respect, get respect.
My fiancée and I were blessed enough to catch a freak summer swell on the North Shore (granted, a “swell” to us Floridians doesn’t exactly qualify as such by Hawai’ian standards), but I surfed Gums in head-high, clean conditions. There were only a handful of others out, but the attitude was totally mellow. We’ve all heard about fistfights on the beach and “haole go home” mentality, but I got none of it. We all got our fair share of waves, and I went home stoked out of my mind.
I don’t understand all those kooks out there trying to paddle out into macking Pipe (or head-high Gums!) and whistling locals off waves–we all know how it works out there, and the rules aren’t going to bend just for you. Be cool, show Aloha, and you’ll get waves. We are returning to the North Shore for our honeymoon in April, and we can’t wait to get back into the water.
Stoked in Jacksonville
Sam Cabra

You hit the nail on the head, Sam. Stay out of the way, be cool, and you’ll find the Aloha Hawaii still has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that you were on the North Shore in the middle of summer, either...

Boycott American Airlines!
I like how I had to pay 80 bucks to get my surfboards back from Hawaii and the baggage handlers managed to destroy my surfboard! And then, American Airlines says they aren’t liable for any of the damages! Ban American Airlines!

How about boycott all airlines? I had my favorite board ever completely destroyed by Hawaiian Airlines this year–on the way to Oahu! So, I join you in the “Here’s $80, please destroy my surfboard club. The worst part is that Hawaiian Airlines makes it so you have to write a handwritten letter via snail mail to them in order to even be heard! You can check in to your flight from Timbuktu but once they destroy something of yours any sniff of compensation is nearly impossible.

Kelly Rules Parko!
You printed in your April 2007 issue (pg.98) that Parko beats 8x World Champion Kelly Slater 100% of the time in WCT competition. I recall Slater dispensing of Parko quite easily in the final at Bells last year. How the heck could you overlook such a performance like that! That’s like us telling everyone that TransWorld SURF is a boogie boarding/rollerblading magazine. Get your facts straight, fire your interns and hire a Kelly Slater fact checker, so this doesn’t happen again.
Bubb and Alex
Pacific Wave Surf Shop
Santa Cruz, CA.

You’re right, we screwed that one up pretty good. However, in our defense, the ASP Web site led us down that path of misinformation, and to say “Kelly rules Parko is also misleading–Parko’s got a 7-3 career record versus the eight-time world champ.

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