Biggest Occy Grom Comp Ever At Seaside Reef

The Occy Grom Comp Presented by Billabong was held last weekend at Seaside Reef in San Diego County.  Over 150 contestants turned out, making it the largest, most successful Occy Grom Comp ever.

Clean 3-5 foot swell accompanied by warm glassy conditions greeted the hundreds of families and frothing groms who battled it out at Seaside Reef.

Unfortunately, Occy returned home to Australia to be with his ill mom and wasn't able to attend.  Still, huge lines of grommies formed outside the Billabong bus to get a signature from the Eddie winner and big wave legend Greg Long.

Seaside local, Rob Machado also stopped by to hang out with the groms, sign autographs and take a few photos.

Over 30 contestants entered the Push-in Division, with many legendary pros giving their kids their first push into a wave. All the Groms in the Push-In Division received a goodie bag at the award ceremony.  There are no losers in the Push-In Division!

When the Finals started at the end of the day, the Girls Division hit the water first. Harley Rose fought off a tough field of talented females to take top honors.

In the Boys 10-13 final, San Clemente ripper Griffin Colapinto held off an in form Kanoa Igarashi and double finalist Jake Marshall in a hard fought heat.

The 14-16 Final was the most hotly contested final, but La Jolla's Jake Halstead took control early and never let up for 20 minutes to take home the win.

The Awards Ceremony was held at Rimel's, an amazing surfer-owned restaurant in Cardiff, who provided burritos and pot-stickers for everyone.  All the finalists left with huge prize packs provided by the event sponsors. During the presentation, Handsome Bugga's Hawaiian crew presented special hand made Koa wood medals, brought over from Maui, to the winners.

With fun waves, stoked groms, a fabulous lunch from Chipotle Mexican Grill and tons of giveaways from all the sponsors, who could ask for a better Sunday?

Special thanks to Rob Machado, Greg Long, Tristan at Surfing Mag, Handsome Bugga and crew, all the volunteers, the Billabong crew – Chris Heffner, Blake Pettit, Jason Jackson, Enich Harris and tons more.

For photos and video of the 2010 Occy Grom Comp at Seaside, visit:


1.Harley Rose
2.Chloe Buckley
3.Lulu Erkeneff
4.Danielle Wyman
5.Alayna Tomlinson
6.Danny Dean

Boys 10 - 13
1.Griffin Colapinto
2.Kanoa Igarashi
3.Jake Marshall
4.Andrew Neilman
5.Guillerme Carvahlo
6.Ryland Ruebens

Boys 14 - 16
1.Jake Halstead
2.T. Clark
3.Jake Marshall
4.J. Belgrove
5.Nelson Kilgery
6.Collin Dunguid

Push-In Division Winners
(in alphabetical order)
Adam Mitchell
Ashton Wright
Bobby Gavin
Braden Steele
Carol Marshall
Casey Ford
Cole Mezak
Crosby Colapinto
Curran Ford
Curran Stagg
Danex Matson
Elias Btesh
Eliza Wing
Emiliano Mendez
Ethan Ford
Fisher Devoe
Gage Clisby
Griffen Foy
Holly Terscher
Hud Dag
Johnny Mitchell
Jumo Sloan
Kalee Graff
Kate Matson
Keanu Igarashi
Kennedi Christ
Kila Wright
Shane Cox
Sophia Fanticola
Spencer Fanticola
Tess Booth
Travis Booth
Trey Lockart
Tyson Lockhart
Vivianne Husted
Zack McCormick