Billabong Announces Pro Junior Asia Concept

Last year's Billabong Pro Junior at Keramas delivered some of the best waves ever in ASP Pro Junior Surfing! Photo: ASP Australasia

Last year's Billabong Pro Junior at Keramas delivered some of the best waves ever in ASP Pro Junior Surfing! Photo: ASP Australasia

World-leading boardsport and lifestyle company Billabong have just announced the launch of their Pro Junior Asia concept. This unique event will be the first surfing contest in history with dual ASP ratings points from both Australasia and Japan.

The venue for the inaugural Billabong Pro Junior Asia is famous Bali reef-break, Keramas. It will be an elite grade 5 rated ASP event with USD 25,000 in prize money. It is a fully fledged international competition, with surfers from counties such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, The Phillipines and Malaysia taking part.

"Billabong is super excited about this event. It’s the first time ever that every surfing country in Asia is able to compete for ASP ratings points in the one contest. I see this as a really strong step forward for the professional development surfing in the region," said Tim Hawken, Billabong Indonesia Sales & Marketing Manager. "Next year we plan to turn this concept into a full series, with Billabong Pro Junior Asia events in countries like Japan, The Philippines and beyond."

Another wonderful thing about Billabong Pro Junior Asia is that it gives local surfers from Indo a chance to compete with the best in the world. "I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to compete in international level," said Agus Frimanto, Billabong's super junior. "But I know for a fact that there are a lot of really talented kids in Indonesia who don't have the same chance. Billabong Pro Junior Asia being held in Bali is going to give them just that and I'm pumped about it."

General Manager from Billabong Japan, Ietoshi Ueda, is also elated about the prospects of this concept in the region. "Billabong Japan is excited to be part of the future of pro surfing in Asia by collaborating with other Asian surfing countries for the first time. We believe that this event will elevate the standard of surfing in Asia as we know it, and we are very proud to be part of this landmark occasion."

Associaton of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is giving Billabong their full support for this event. "ASP are very excited about the announcement of the Billabong Pro Junior in Bali," stated Andrew Stark, CEO ASP Australasia. "The event will attract a world class field of junior surfers and is being held at what is considered a world class wave. This event is extremely complimentary to the ASP Junior series and we welcome Billabong with their new event to the tour."

Keramas itself has ultra perfect right hand tube, which on the right swell and wind conditions is a perfect setting for high performance surfing. So expect some crazy moves from the most talented junior surfers on the planet this July!