Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Videos And Day 2 Wrap

In the first clip we get introduced to the team as they arrive into Costa Rica and get some insight from Head Coach Ian Cairns on what he’s done to prepare the US Team and their strategy.

2009 PacSun USA Surf Team in Costa Rica – Episode 2 from Surfing America on Vimeo.

Clip 2 features the “Parade Of Nations” where all the participating teams march through the scorching hot streets of Jaco. Also featured is the first day of competiton where Cory Lopez, Nat Young, Austin Ware, Sage Erickson, and Ben Bourgeois emerged victorious.

2009 PacSun USA Surf Team in Costa Rica – Episode 3 from Surfing America on Vimeo.

In the third and final clip Cory Lopez breaks his board on the first wave of his day 2 heat yet recovers to win, Austin Ware survives an intense paddle battle, Nat and Benny B advance, Courtney Conlogue and Sage Erickson both advance, and the team hooks up with ex-pat Jimmy Hogan.

PacSun USA Surf Team Continues Its Momentum At The 2009 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games

cory lopez isa world games

Cory Lopez. Photo: Watts/ISA

Team USA wins five more heats in Day 2 and becomes only nation in the contest to keep all athletes in the Qualifying Round

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Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica – August 2, 2009 – The PacSun USA Surf Team continued its dominance through day two of competition at the 2009 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games. Five of the six USA athletes won their heats again, while Sage Erickson advanced in the Qualifying Round with a second place finish in her heat.

Again, the heat radiated intensely throughout the day, while the crowd of spectators who visited the contest site on the narrow black sand beach swelled to well over twenty thousand.

Both Cory Lopez and Nat Young broke their boards during their victorious heats as the hollow set waves at Playa Hermosa provided a fun and power-packed playground for flaunting their huge floaters and robust maneuvers.

Austin Ware and Ben Bourgeois both had tight, challenging heats. Austin, sitting in third through most of his heat, fought his way back through two intense paddle battles late in the contest to claim the win and advance to the next round.
The PacSun USA Surf Team heads into day three with only the Men surfing between 8:00 and 10:00 am. The remainder of the day will consist of repercharge heats for both men and women divisions. This will give the team a chance to have a quiet afternoon off and re-energize for the heightened intensity of the later rounds.

The Longboard Division is slated to begin on Wednesday, August 5th. The PacSun USA Surf Team longboarders are Tony Silvagni and Steven Newton.

“I’m pleased with the effort so far,” said Ian Cairns, PacSun USA Surf Team Coach. “The Team is staying focused and we’re positioned well with everyone still in the Qualifying Rounds. Where mistakes have been made, the Team is learning from them. Some of our guys got behind in their heats and had to fight their way back. It’s good to see them bringing that passion and intensity forward as we move toward the later rounds.”

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