Billabong Launches

“Pickled” the movie, in 35 mm and over a year in the making, will roll-out this June. The flick features Billabong’s elite — Shane Dorian, Occy, Taj Burrow, Benji Weatherly, Luke Egan, Donavon Frankenreiter, Joel Parkinson, Brian Pacheco, and Rast — with a special guest appearance by Robert Earl. High Voltage Productions’ Jamie Mosberg is producing the movie.

[IMAGE 1]To promote the upcoming movie, Billabong has just launched, which will provide a sampler of what’s in store for the movie, plus games and other interactive features for the groms such as a competition where the users can create their own cover designs based on material provided for the movie. Additionally, has a slew of Quicktime sequences, which will allow groms to produce their very own short-length film. Awards will be given to the winners of the best cover design and Quicktime movie. was created by Juxt Interactive, which was recently commissioned to write a book on the next level of Flash design.

“This has been a super human effort by all parties concerned,” says Billabong U.S.A. VP of Marketing Graham Stapelberg. “We are looking at breaking new ground with the site.”

For additional information contact Tim Williams: (949) 753-7222 ext. 257.