Billabong Pro Trestles – Andy Irons Wins

The final day of competition of the Billabong Pro at Trestles finally gave everyone what the contest was brought there for-waves. From the first heat on, there was never any real shortage. Although it may have seemed dead at times, the three- to five foot surf gave Andy Irons plenty to work with to take the gold.

[IMAGE 1]The quarters saw Guillerme Herdy take out tour veteran Shane Powell, Fabio Gouveia falling (literally) to a consistent Shea Lopez, Irons taking a heavy dual with Taj Burrow, and Jake Paterson taking control over Sunny and never looking back.

Not visibly upset, Garcia knows he’s in control of the ratings, but wasn’t overly confident, “For me, I’m gonna have some fun. From what I understand, Luke needs a first and a second and Jake’s gonna need two firsts in the next two events. To get two finals in a row is pretty hard and that’s just assuming that I lose in the first round which isn’t gonna happen. I’ve got some good boards, I feel good, I’m gonna take a break, and go to Brazil and hopefully finish those guys off.”

In regards to taking his mind off it during the break, Sunny said, “I’m gonna ride a lot of motocross. I’ve been jonesing to get out there and ride. I’m just looking forward to enjoying myself.”

[IMAGE 2]The semi’s were no real contest for Paterson as he literally took control of the heat from Guillerme Herdy and never looked back. The other was between Irons and Lopez and included some scores the crowd really couldn’t understand. After both surfers got a couple of high scores (Irons an 8.25 after missing an open face and Lopez a 9.0), the heat came down to Irons needing a 6.9 with not very much time and not very much for waves. Taking a smaller one Lopez passed on (as was the case many times this week), he received a 7.0 and put the pressure back on Shea. Needing a 5.76, he went left, only to get in three turns and a 4.75-he definitely made a good run.

The final started in favor of Paterson when halfway he had two seven’s while Irons had a five. Looking tentative at first, Irons grabbed a hold of both the momentum and his rail when he busted a frontside reverse at a very critical moment for an 8.75. Needing a 7.71, jake tried to come back with the same maneuver, but only received a 6.95. There was nothing Jake could do-the heat went to Andy. “I had to break the ice and catch a few waves,” said Irons. “It’s been a while since I’ve been in a final. I was catching waves and feeling my board out.”

“I was just trying to go out there and have fun. I know Jake has won many CT’s already. I was just trying to go out there and catch my waves and do my thing so I’m stoked.” Congratulations Andy.[IMAGE 3]Look for some Junior results tomorrow. AC