Billabong Signs Mike Parsons

The well-known Californian professional surfer Mike Parsons has teamed up with Billabong to spearhead a new wave of big-wave surfing.

The twelve-year Association of Surfing Professionals Top 44 campaigner, who finished 4th on the 2000 Professional Surf Tour of America, has focused on big wave surfing for many years. Since 1985, Snips has been the dominant force at Todos Santos, an island off the coast of Baja California known for the giant surfable swells that pound its shores.

Parsons stepped beyond himself on January 19 this year to make surfing history on what has been called the biggest wave ever ridden. Surfing 100 miles off the coast of Southern California over a submerged mountain range called the Cortes Bank, Parsons was towed into a legitimate 60-70 foot wave on one of the biggest swells this winter that continues to generate worldwide media interest.

What Parsons described as being “Easily the biggest wave I’ve ever been on,” this life or death situation is undoubtedly the high point of Snips’ long and successful surfing career thus far and earned him 60,000 dollars in the XXL Big Wave Awards.

“This new era in big-wave surfing is finally getting the coverage it deserves”, stated Billabong U.S.A. Vice President of Marketing Graham Stapelberg. “These guys are incredible, and are pushing the limits beyond belief, and we are stoked to have Snips on our side.”