Billabong Surf Rat Series–Oceanside and Jacksonville Event Results

The Oceanside Surfrat was held March 25th at the South Jetty in Oceanside. Billabong staff and competitors were welcomed to a solid, fun 2 — 4 foot swell with clean conditions. The weather was awesome and the wind stayed down for most of the day.

The 13 and under division started the day, and they came to play ball. Huge scores were going down all morning, with a couple of punts being thrown down as well. Tanner Rozunko raised the bar by throwing down a 9 point ride in one of the first heats of the day, but ended up being taken down by an unfortunate interference call.

Next up was the 16 and under division. Not to be outdone by the groms, the jr’s came out all guns blazing. Dane Zaun was dropping bombs on your moms, throwing down huge frontside 180’s all over the place.

The action continued throughout the day. The music was pumping, Monster Energy drinks were flowing, the free TransWorld SURF mags were being passed around and Heff was on the mic, with some guest commentating being done by a few of the early round casualties, including Tanner Rozunko and Casey Landreit, who were all to happy to punk their peers still left surfing in the contest.

In the end, both finals were hotly contested, and everyone left with a bunch of goodies, but there could only be one winner. Congratulations go out to Kelly Zaun winning his first contest ever in the 13 and under division and to Brad Haugerland taking out the 16 and under division. Both Kelly and Brad will be entered into the Surfrat Superfinal later this year to duke it out with the rest of the Surfrat Series Winners for the overall Grand Prize trip to Tavarua. Stay tuned…..

Oceanside Surfrat Results

13 and Under
1st Place — Kelly Zaun
2nd Place — Taylor Clark
3rd Place — Dominic Depeitro
4th Place — Micheal Caraglia

16 and Under
1st Place — Brad Haugerland
2nd Place — Daniel Blase
3rd Place — Dane Zaun
4th Place — Corey Landreit

Jacksonville Results

March 12th was stop #2 of the 2006 Billabong Surf Rat series. The 2nd event was held on the Southside of the Pier in Jacksonville Beach Florida. Even though the waves were in the 1′-2′ range, the weather was perfect with sunny skies and temps in the high 70’s. The 1′-2′ waves we had on and were actually really fun due to no wind and a good little sandbar. As usual, Travis had some funny jokes in the mic. and had the beach on their toes. All the people that came out were stoked to stuff the Box with entries to have a crack at winning the 2006 Billabong Team Edition Air Nautique.

The contest was swept by new Billabong team riders Cody Thompson and Evan Thompson with younger brother Tristan Thompson nipping at Evans heels, winning all of their heats. Cody was crowned winner of the 16 and under division and Evan took the 13 and under title. The rest of the results are as follows:

16 and under
1. Cody Thompson
2.Dustin Richardson
3. Kevin Cox
4. Shane Holmes

13 and under
1.Evan Thompson
2.Tristan Thompson
3.Brent Lamprecht
4. Jackson Griffith