Billabong USA Launches Website

WHAT: The website launch, a sub-site of,specifically tailored for the USA audience.


WHEN: At noon on Wednesday December 20 2000.

WEBSITE BUILDERS: Well known for his process of working with Freehandand Flash, Todd Purgason of was commissioned byBillabong USA to create a Flash based sub-site, in conjunction withinhouse interactive staff.

LOWDOWN: uses Flash 4 and Generator technology onMacromedia, with a dynamically driven database and some experimentalnavigation.

ENTRY: Through the home page USA link. The five otherBillabong sub-site links are to the Billabong Pro contest site, theBillabong Girls site, Billabong TV site, the Billabong Australia site,and the Billabong Europe site. The latter two sites are set to launchwith the website on Wednesday December 20, 2000, andtarget specific promotions by region.

SECTIONS: Riders displays the full Billabong USA Team and certainInternational Riders, with interviews, biographies, photos, downloadsand video clips. News contains up to date press releases and newsarticles relevant to both the USA and International websites. Footage isa popular section of the site devoted to streaming media, with videoclips from past and future Billabong videos, events, interviews, teamriders and happenings around the world. The Gear section highlightsselect product items of special interest.

FEATURED RIDERS: Surfer Shane Dorian, skateboarder Brian Patch andsnowboarder Andrew Crawford are the featured riders for the launch fromeach of the surf, skate and snow disciplines.

OTHER RIDERS: A collection of the hottest surfers, skaters andsnowboarders in the world, including Internationals Mark Occhilupo, TajBurrow and Joel Parkinson, Hawaiians Ross Williams, Brian Pacheco andJason Shibata, Californians Donavon Frankenreiter and Benji Weatherly,Bryan Hewitson from the East Coast, Bucky Lasek and Brian Patch, TaraDakides and Kevin Jones.

MULTIMEDIA: Flash 4 movies, Video Pop-Ups (both Quick Time and WindowsMedia Players) and Downloads.