Billabong Wins Transworld SURF Cali Rally


After ten days of mayhem, destruction, nudity and booze, the rally up the coast, like the last keg along the way, is kicked. The four teams met up at the Blue Beat in Newport Beach for the Cali Rally Awards Show hosted by Chris “Ass Brand” Cote and Punker Pat. The Boys over at The Bong took the overall title and the Pac Sun Haggle Battle award.

There were several other awards announced like MVP, Most Outrageous Team Manger, etc. I got there a little late, I was in San Clemente, but here’s some of the winners:

Biggest Weirdos: Barney and Aaron Gieger. Photo: …MORINformed

Most Outrageous Team Manager: Mikey Guarino of Volcom. Photo: Volcom

Most Nude: James Wood of …LOST. Photo: …LOST


MVP: Kahea Heart of Hurley. Photo: Hurley