Billabong World Junior Championships Cancelled In 2002

ASP Int’l, Australia (Friday, August 9)Billabong and the Association ofSurfing Professionals (ASP)regretfully announce thecancellation of this years’ WorldJunior Championships, scheduledfor Phillip Island, Victoria Australia,during November.

Over the last few years the event hastried to find an excellent wavelocation in Hawaii and Australia.Permitting issues in Hawaii led tolast years’ move to Phillip Island,though dates coincide withAustralia’s and the southernHemisphere’s biggest internationalhorse racing carnival, the Melbourne Cup, in the same region the same week.

Trying to find a suitable date to avoid this clash is just as difficult because the final events of the all importantWorld Qualifying Series (WQS) season are occurring and to collide with these tournaments would unfairlyrequire many of the worlds’ best young surfers to choose between a world junior championship title orpotentially qualifying for the World Championship Tour (WCT).

Billabong and ASP are committed to finding the right time and place for this prestigious title during the 2003season and hope to announce a solution shortly.

Billabong remains committed to pro junior surfing throughout the world and sincerely regrets this situation.Seven (7) regional junior champions will still be crowned and acknowledged in 2002.

Further Information contact ASP Regional Offices

Jesse Faen – Media Director, ASP Int’