Billabong XXL Awards: and the winners are..

Last night was the highly anticipated Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards in Anaheim California. The nominees have been circulating around the interwebs for a few months now. Brazilian charger Danilo Couto took the RIDE OF THE YEAR category with his air drop to rodeo ride at Jaws. Shane Dorian took MONSTER PADDLE and MONSTER TUBE for a wave from the same session at Peahi. Check out the XXL website for more. Rest of the winners below..

Danilo Couto, 2011 Ride of the Year Award

Benjamin Sanchis, Biggest Wave Award

Shane Dorian, Monster Paddle Award

Shane Dorian, Monster Tube Award

Mark Mathews, Verizon Wipe-out of the Year Award

Keala Kennelly, Girls Performance Award

Sion Milosky, Mens Performance Award