Billabong’s Surfrat Series Results

Pismo Beach greeted us Saturday Morning with great weather and a new south swell. The groms started showing up out of the woodwork and were ready to get rolling. Despite the fact it was the morning after Cinco de Mayo, the staff was ready and the contest was under way.We started off with the 13 and under division. The waves were about head high, but looked much bigger on some of these groms. The groms charged all day and fought hard for the bags full of goodies. The final consisted of Duke Van Patten, Nick Hdez, John Wilson and Billabong’s own Tanner Rozunko. The final started off slow, with several of the competitors falling early. John Wilson took the early lead, but Tanner Rozunko, who had finished 2nd in the previous two Surfrat Series in Huntington and Manhatten Beach, was not going to be denied again. Tanner got a solid right towards the end of the heat and sealed the victory. John Wilson came in second, Nick Hdez third and Duke Van Patten rounding out the final in fourth.

In the 16 and under division, the groms were on fire. Some of the standouts included Hawaii visitor Kiron Jabour, Surfrat Series Tour competitor (he’s surfed in 4 of the 5 West Coast Surfrats) Nat Young from Santa Cruz and Aston Madeley, also from Santa Cruz. These guys all made the final along with local ripper Matt Johnston. The final was a battle. These guys went at it. Kiron took the early lead, with every wave he stood up on scoring in the 6 point range. Nat started strong with a 6 point ride as well, but couldn’t follow it up with a wave stronger than a 3. Aston Madeley also started strong with a 5 point ride, but he too could not find a second scoring wave. Then the 5 minute bell went off and everything changed. Nat found his second scoring wave, posting a 7.5 and moving him into first and bumping Kiron into second. Then with less than 2 minutes left, Astton found a left that peeled from the South Peak all the way to the beach, smacking it no less than 15 times. The stingy judges awarded him a 9.5 and he moved into first place. The horn sounded before Kiron could answer back and just like that he saw himself move from first to third. Aston had won the heat and bumped Nat into second in the process. Matt Johnston surfed strong, but couldn’t find the waves the other guys did and that left him in fourth place.

Special thanks to Pismo Beach local and Billabong Team Rider Walt Cerney who ran the show, to “The Champ Dave Champion who commentated and to DJ Trev who kept the tunes rolling.

Congratulations to all of the competitors and especially Tanner Rozunko and Aston Madeley who have qualified for the Surfrat Superfinal where they will square off against their fellow Surfrat Series Division Winners for a free trip to Tavarua.

16 and under
1. Aston Madeley
2. Nat Young
3. Kiron Jabour
4. Matt Johnston

13 and under
1. Tanner Rozunko
2. John Wilson
3. Nick Hdez
4. Duke Van Patten

Santa Cruz Surfrat — Sunday May 7th

Whooooaaa. Pleasure Point was on fire! The south swell showed up in full effect with solid 1 ft — 2 ft overhead waves for the Santa Cruz Surfrat Series. In addition, the weather was awesome. The sun was out and the wind stayed down all day. You really could not have asked for a better day. And the groms showed their appreciation by destroying every wave in sight.

In the 13 and under the groms lit it up. Every single turn was awarded by a large chorus of screams and shouts from the approving crowds lining the cliffs. Standouts included Bjorn Temple who won every heat all the way to the final and Pismo competitor and camo-wetsuit wearing Nick Hdez. Anthony Dunn and Pete Mueller ripped all day to join Nick and Bjorn in the final. In the final, Anthony jumped to the early lead, posting a solid 6.5 on his first wave and following that up with a 5.5 on his second. The rest of the competitors really couldn’t find the winning combination until Bjorn found a 7..5 midway thru the heat to put him half a point behind Anthony. Not to be outdone, Nick Hdez found the wave of the final and ripped it all the way thru for a 9.5 and the lead. Pete Mueller never found the right waves and ended up taking fourth place. Bjorn never did find his wave to make up the half point and finished up in third, while Anthony Dunn held down second and Nick Hdez claimed the Surfrat Series Santa Cruz Crown for the 13 and under division.

The 16 and under division was as tough as the Surfrat Series has ever seen. With Pismo Beach winner Aston Madeley, Manhatten Beach winner Nat Young, 2005 Surfrat Superfinalist Kokoro Tomatsuri and Hawaii’s Kiron Jabour all putting on a show. Nat Young surfed amazing all day, but couldn’t find the waves in the semi finals for an unexpected early exit. The final was made up of Kokoro, Kiron, Aston and local ripper Dane Anderson. The competition had been tight all day, but in the final Kiron Jabour was not going to let another win slip from his grasp (see Pismo results). He smoked the competition and it never was close, with a 5 — 6 point difference between him and second place’s final score total. Second place did go to Dane Anderson, with Aston Madeley getting third and Kokoro Tomatsuri finishing in fourth.

Special Thanks go to Santa Cruz locals Adam Repogle and Alistair Craft for hosting the event and “Champ once again commentating.

Congratulations to all of the competitors and especially Tanner Rozunko and Aston Madeley who have qualified for the Surfrat Superfinal where they will square off against their fellow Surfrat Series Division Winners for a free trip to Tavarua. Results:

16 and under
1. Kiron Jabour
2. Dane Anderson
3. Aston Madeley
4. Kokoro Tomatsuri

13 and under
1. Nick Hdez
2. Anthony Dunn
3. Bjorn Temple
4. Pete Mueller