Billygoat Productions New Film, The Mystic, To Show At X-Dance 2005.

For all of you attending this years X-Dance, we are proud to announce that Billygoat Productions newest surf film release, THE MYSTIC, will have to separate showings during the awesome event taking place in Park City, Utah this weekend, January 21-25. Amazing actions sport films, great music and epic parties will be on hand this weekend as X-dance 2005 kicks into high gear. Director Bill Ballard will unfortunately not be able to attend as he is expecting a baby girl any moment now, but had this to say, “The Mystic is by far the most beautiful film I have ever made and it is an honor to get accepted to this years X-Dance. I wish I could be there to see some these amazing new films, action sport movies are simply going into a whole new realm these days. It would be great if everyone could attend our showings and support this very eclectic new surf film.

The Mystic’s X-dance schedule:
Sunday, January 23rd 8:00 pm in theater #2
Monday January 24th Noon in theater #1

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