Bing Surf Shop Opens In Leucadia, CA.

Bing Surf Shop Opens In Leucadia

Leucadia, California – Not since 1974 has Bing Surfboards had a retail storefront open to the public. Founded by Bing Copeland in 1959, Bing Surfboards has retained a history and heritage of quality made progressive surfboard designs that have continued to evolve with each decade. Now under the meticulous eye and craftsmanship of Matt Calvani, Bing Surfboards continues its evolution and progression into what some say is the most exciting time for surfboard design.

Who better to re-launch the retail chapter of the Bing Surfboards history book than long-time friend, mentor, major surfboard enthusiast and former Billabong executive, Royce Cansler. With over 40 years of experience in the surfing and surfboard building industry, Royce began his career in surf shops and surfboard factories in Santa Cruz. In 1979 he relocated to Southern California to work with notable companies Gotcha and Billabong. It was Royce’s vision to bring surf retail back to its roots, back to where everything revolved around the surfboard. It was a natural alliance to team up with Matt and Margaret Calvani at Bing Surfboards who have always maintained a very surfboards-focused approach to their business.

“When I was 13 years old my dad would take me to the Bing Shop in Hermosa Beach after surfing 22nd St. or the Redondo Breakwater. Like most surfers, the anticipation of seeing, holding and touching the latest shapes was hard to contain. Single brand surf shops were the order of the day, and the passion and excitement of surfing and the surfboards we rode were the focus. It is this element we wanted to rekindle in the Bing Shop of today, passion and focus on surfing and surfboards…”

The new Bing Surf shop in Leucadia will serve as the global headquarters for Bing Surfboards. Bing Surf Shop will celebrate its grand opening on Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 5-8pm with the largest collection of Bing Surfboards ever assembled in one place This event will be held at the new Leucadia location and is open to the public.

For inquiries about the Bing Surf Shop please contact Royce Cansler at