Blackball At The Wedge Begins Today; Sponges And Boards Banned For Most Of Day

Check the boogie vs. surfer clip below…

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The annual Black Ball flag at The Wedge. Another reminder summer’s almost here. It’s also a reminder for wave riders that it’s time to leave the boards in the trunk, on the car hood, or dry in the sand and paddle out the old fashioned way. Because starting today for the next six months, The Wedge is body surfing only — no flotation devices of any kind allowed for most of the day.

“The Wedge has always been about body surfing,” said lifeguard Capt. Boyd Mickley.

As technology improved and boards got lighter and faster The Wedge grew in popularity with body boarders and surfers in “what was traditionally a body-surfing bastion of ocean,” Mickley said.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Oct. 31, swimmers at The Wedge will be asked to leave their boards on shore. Police will give tickets to people who refuse to cooperate with lifeguards, Mickley said.