Blair Foam Acquires Green Valley Mill

While everyone had different opinion in Dec 05′ on who would become the world’s premiere surfboard blank supplier, few could predict the journey would be such a complicated relay race. At last, the Clark Foam torch has been passed to Blair Foam. On February 6th, Blair Foam finalized a deal to acquire Green Valley Mill, that includes the purchase of the half-million dollar wood inventory, mill, and 5,000 custom rocker templates that Green Valley had originally picked up in the wake of Clark shutting its doors. Blair Foam now the holds the largest selection of custom rockers in the world, which can be assembled from a variety of the finest quality lumber, hand picked by Gordon Clark himself.  

Blair Foam, which until this acquisition was merely one of Green Valley’s existing blank customers, was offered first consideration for acquiring Green Valley’s massive remaining inventory of wood along with the machinery and equipment. It speaks volumes for the growing company that it was singled out from a customer list that includes the likes of King Mac, Bennett, and HomeBlown, as the one most capable of carrying on the Clark Foam legacy. As part of the terms of the week long negotiation, Blair Foam will temporarily occupy Green Valley Mill’s 12,000 sq ft, Oceanside facility to ensure uninterrupted production and allow themselves to assess their next move.

In response to the deal, Blair Foam co-owner, Jeff Stoner, explains, “So far, we’ve been keeping a low profile in the industry in order to perfect our formula and ensure that our product is sound. With a viable product now under our belt, the cards have really fallen into place for us and we look forward to making an immediate impact on the board manufacturing industry.”

This acquisition, couples Blair Foam’s solid background in urethane, with the infrastructure needed to help the industry emerge from the ashes of Clark Foam. Blair has already garnered a great deal of momentum by providing reliable, small cell-structured and uniformly dense foam to manufacturers industry-wide. With this strong endorsement from Green Valley Mill, and the ability to expand production with customized rockers and reliable customer service provided by ex-Green Valley employee, now Blair site manager, Leigh Altieri, Blair Foam will undoubtedly look to become a major player in the surfboard blank industry in the next few months.