Blake Lively will fight great white shark according to second trailer for ‘The Shallows’

We last saw our stranded surfer (Blake Lively) held captive by a giant great white shark back in March when the first trailer dropped for The Shallows. It left us brimming with questions. And even more questions have sprung up after the second trailer was revealed today.

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1. There were other surfers out! How did they get there?
2. Why didn’t she want to surf with them? Was she vibing them?
3. Did you see that one guy get eaten mid-air like when great whites jump for seals?
4. Blake’s leg gash comes from the shark itself, but why didn’t it eat her too?
5. Can she call her sister for help?
6. Is her mom there waiting for her?
7. Isn’t this just going to be the exact same ending as Jaws?

Ouch. June 29. Full trailer in bio 🌊🐬😵 #TheShallows

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I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out when The Shallows hits theaters on June 24.

That shark has ups!

That shark has ups!

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