Blue Horizon Wins X-Dance Film Festival Best Picture

January 31, 2005–Irvine, CA – Jack McCoy’s epic surf film Blue Horizon claims Best Picture and Best Biography this year at the Fifth Annual 2005 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Taking place concurrently with the world renowned Sundance Film Festival, the X-Dance festival recognizes innovative work in style and narrative in the action sports genre.

Blue Horizon was nominated across six categories including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Biography and Athlete of the Year.

The contrasting narrative of Billabong’s three times World Champion Andy Irons and free surfer David Rastovich, Blue Horizon triumphed over The Shaun White Album (Dave Seoane), A Broke Down Melody (The Malloy Brothers), Joe Kid On A Sting Ray (John Swarr) and Skating Through The Ashes (Ben Galland) for the Best Picture award.

The Best Biography category was won over Reverence: Kent Kreitler Story (John Klaczkiewicz) and The Shawn White Album (Dave Seoane).

The X-Dance festival identifies that action sports films are a breeding ground of cinematic talent and strives to showcase these talents to the wider motion picture community.

McCoy, who is currently touring the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival, which features Blue Horizon and Taj Burrow’s Fair Bits will begin work on his 24th surf film in 2005, marking a 30-year commitment to surf films.

McCoy will team with world number two Joel Parkinson to create, Free as a Dog – A true dogs tale, the story of Parko, his unique talent and his dog Trey.

Free as a Dog will premiere and tour with the Billabong Jack McCoy Film Festival in January 2006.