Bluetorch TV Announces Departures of two Executives

Bluetorch senior executives Mark Jeremias, executive producer, and Michael Marckx, vice president of marketing, have announced they will be leaving the youth-oriented action sports program to pursue separate career opportunities, said Andrew Coulson, CEO of Broadband Interactive Group, Bluetorch’s parent company. Both Jeremias and Marckx will continue as consultants to Bluetorch, each working on projects in their respective areas of expertise.


“It is Mark’s and Michael’s brand of individualism, creativity and personal initiative that has been an asset to Bluetorch in establishing and growing its reputation in this market,” said Coulson, “and Broadband Interactive is looking forward to a continuing relationship that will be mutually beneficial to all parties.”

Jeremias, who came to the company from a successful stint as an independent filmmaker, has served as Bluetorch’s executive producer since the show’s inception in January, 2000. He will continue development of the company’s home video products.

Marckx began his affiliation with Bluetorch as marketing director approximately one year ago, and later was promoted to marketing vice president. He has played a significant role in developing the program’s strong Internet presence and increasing Bluetorch’s Nielsen ratings. He will provide marketing consulting on key projects, including the Action Sports Retailing Conference scheduled in San Diego in early September, and home video product promotion in connection with the OP Pro Surfing contest in that was held in June in Indonesia.

Although Coulson has not yet announced replacements for the executive producer and marketing VP positions, he did not feel the transition would hinder Bluetorch in carrying out its most significant strategic mission, which includes building its dominance in interactive sports TV programming targeted to teen and young adult audiences.

“Ultimately we will want to have individuals who exhibit a strong sense of individualism – people whose creativity and initiative will successfully push the limits and established concepts for interactive sports programming into new frontiers,” said Coulson. “It is these types of people who have helped grow Bluetorch to its present market position, and we want to preserve this as a strong element of our corporate culture as we continue to increase our dominance in the field.”

Bluetorch produces a daily television program, live events, home videos and online and interactive TV entertainment for teens and young adults. The Bluetorch TV show airs on Fox Sports Network weekdays at 4 p.m. and 2 a.m., and reaches 85 million households worldwide. Since its inception Bluetorch has become known for its cutting-edge programming, which reflects the essence of today’s youth lifestyle, spotlighting what’s happening and what’s next in the exciting world of action sports.