Showcases The Trunq Sub

Boardhunt recently launched “Showcase”, a review portal of unique products & accessories. The first of many products to be spotlighted is TRUNQ. To learn more about Trunq’s solution to surfing’s often messy mayhem visit the Showcase section on 

Showcase welcomes unique products that are core to boarding sports. It serves as a mixed media vehicle for related companies to show off their new innovations. It’s a simple combination of product info, pictures & video, and community feedback & ratings. The bigger picture is to develop a one-stop shop where riders can sell their used gear and gain new perspective on potential replacement products. At a minimum, “Showcase” will add another layer of value to the consumer by presenting the “what’s new” in products and must have gadgetry. 

About Boardhunt:
Boardhunt provides an interactive platform for all board-riders in the action sports market to find, sell, and discuss new and used equipment. Using a combination of enhanced profiling, categorization, and search criteria, Boardhunt helps make “board-hunting” easier and more effective. Staying clear from transactions, Boardhunt focuses only on connecting the buyers and seller of used boarding equipment to initiate negotiations. Community feedback is promoted within the site to unite the voices of buyers and sellers alike. For additional information on Boardhunt, just visit their website and “Enjoy your Ride!”