Boardworks Announces New Online Store

(Encinitas, Ca.) January 18, 2011– "After launching a new website in the Fall of 2010, Boardworks is happy to announce the that our Online store is finally and officially open!" comments Boardworks' Mike Fox. "We have three objectives for the new store: First to offer products where they are not available at retail. Second to offer products that are only available for sale online, and third to be able to present as much product information as possible to help educate the consumer." To check it out go to

Boardworks has a very strong dealer network with the absolute best retailers in the Surf, SUP, and Outdoor industries. However, as the popularity of SUP rapidly spreads inland, there is a growing number of consumers hundreds of miles away from any retail store. The Boardworks online store was developed in order to better serve these customers. For those who can go into a shop there is nothing better than seeing and feeling the real product first hand and speaking with an educated sales person. The Online store is the next best thing for those who don't have that luxury. "We are really able to provide a lot of valuable product information in our online store. We have multiple product views as well as videos and consumer reviews. This not only serves the online customers but also helps educate people before they go into a store to buy." commented Gretchen Gamble, Boardworks Marketing Director.

The initial offering of the Boardworks Online store features the Boardworks line of SUP boards and paddles, Boardworks apparel and accessories, and the Melvin and Morrelli (M&M) custom race boards. The Boardworks Boards that are available in the E-store are the EPX boards which are very user friendly SUPs, perfect for entry level to intermediate paddlers and the Boardworks SHUBU "Show Up and Blow Up" inflatable SUPs which have proven to be extremely popular for the inland market, perfect for rivers, lakes and almost any waterway. The Boardworks online store also offers a selection of Carbon Hybrid Performance paddles and 2 and 3 piece Aluminum paddles. There are a few things in the store that are only available online. The Morrelli and Melvin (M&M) custom race boards are in this category. These boards have created quite a stir in the SUP race world. With their signature wave piercing bow design, there is nothing else like them on the market. Boardworks is currently offering these exclusively online with plans to have them in retail stores later in the season.

About Boardworks:
At Boardworks we are passionate about all things to do with the ocean and water lifestyle we all embrace. Our goal is to share that passion, to promote respect for the planet, it's creatures and each other and to make surfing and stand up paddle more fun for more people. Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and bring their premier surf and SUP models to the global water community manufactured with our proprietary construction technologies. For more info go to or follow us on Facebook at