Bobby Martinez Wins 2006 Billabong Pro Teahupo’o

Teahupo’o, Tahiti
May 13, 2006

Score one for the Cali boys! While Bobby Martinez is more known for his Rincon-bred backhand attack, he styled his way to his first WCT victory ever by threading and weaving his way through the three to four foot tubes at Havae Passe today. Martinez–the first rookie to ever score a win at Teahupo’o–took home $30,000 back to Santa Barbara, California.

In second place was Fred Patacchia from the North Shore of Oahu. Freddy P took out Kelley Slater in the semis after the seven-time world champion his injured his ribs in a cutback gone awry. The channel was absolutely raging throughout the day and many a Hinano were consumed. Matter or fact, in a beer induced moment of bravado, I teamed up with my bro Josh Humbert on a kayak and we took off on a two-foot west bowl on to be annihilated by the next wave–a five footer. Kayak gone and foot shredded. As they say, c’est la vie!

Back to Bobby. After wrapping up the final he phoned up his father back home and related his ass kicking while shedding some well-deserved tears. Yeah Bobby!! With his victory, Martinez blasted up to #2 on the WCT ratings.

At the moment, I’m kicking it with 5th place finisher Dean Morrison and I quote “Stop working and get on the piss.

Will do Dingo.

Tune in Monday for the Billabong Pro 2006 Slideshow.

A million thanks go out to Billabong, Air Tahiti Nui, the Maoni family, and

Peace out bitches–I ain’t ever coming back! Next destination: Outer islands that we can’t name…