Bobby Martinez’s Rebel Cry

Bobby Martinez

Bobby Martinez at home in Santa Barbara. Photo: LA Weekly/Ted Soqui

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Bobby Martinez’s Rebel Cry
Surfing’s elite Latino star questions the soul of the World Tour

Bobby Martinez warned them.

The day he was banned from surfing’s World Tour for causing “damage” to the sport’s image, he was back east on Long Island’s Long Beach. Although he’d put his sponsor-logo hat on, his personal emblems -- the glorious tats that unfurl across his back -- were hidden by the long-sleeve, colored jersey surfers wear so judges can identify them on the water.

Martinez had won his first heat in the Quiksilver Pro New York 2011, when Todd Kline, one of the sponsor’s marketers, pulled him over for an interview for the company’s webcast.

“The ASP and you guys aren’t going to want this interview,” Martinez told Kline, referring to the Association of Surfing Professionals, the sanctioning body of the World Tour.

But Kline waved the words off. When the mic went live, the surfer let loose. By the time Martinez was done, one minute and seven seconds later, F-bombs littered the sand like trash on the beach after Memorial Day.