Body Glove Opens New Warehouse

Body Glove has opened a new warehouse in Torrance, California, several miles from its headquarters in Hermosa Beach, announced Body Gloveà'¹s Rick Petri at the Surf Expo trade show in Orlando, Florida.

The new 60,000-square-foot facility replaces the old warehouse that was half its size, and will help the company increase its efficiency when dealing with shipping issues.

Along with the new building, Body Glove management installed a new high-tech racking system that helps organize the warehouse stocking. Where it used to take the staff and whole day to unload a container of merchandise, it now only takes an hour and then products can be pulled out of the warehouse, boxed, and shipped to retailers in the same day.

This is key for the company that is famous for its wetsuits, but also now sells all kinds of different products including womenà'¹s swimwear, watches, and a new line of travel bags and accessories, because all of these products are produced by other factories and then shipped to Body Gloveà'¹s warehouse to be distributed domestically.

– John Stouffer, reporting from the Surf Expo show in Orlando, Florida