Body Glove Pitches In On ISD

Body Glove Pitches In On International Surf Day

MONDAY, June 20th, 2011. Redondo Beach, CA: Professional surfers and Body Glove team ambassadors Cheyne Magnussen and Matt Pagan we're among the Body Glove sales and marketing team who dropped their blackberrys and picked up trash-pokers in the name of good will today. International Surf Day has transcended the Hallmark-holiday label and took hold within the core surf community inspiring acts like Body Glove’s all over.

"It's more than just an excuse to go surfing", said Matt Patterson, core surf sales manager. "It's about participating in your passion at the level of giving back. We are sponsors of JACKS PIER CLASSIC right here on this beach each year, so we really use it. Our retail partner JACKS up the street is a huge supporter of the community too, so we see this as an opportunity to do something positive in our backyard".


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Founded in 1953 by Bill and Bob Meistrell, Body Glove is a leading, worldwide watersports brand specializing in wetsuits, swimwear, clothing, footwear, accessories, and technology accessories. The company sponsors one of the most respected surf and wakeboard teams in the industry with such powerhouse names as pro surfers Gabe Kling, Mike Losness, Alex Gray and Holly Beck and wake boarders Rusty Malinoski, Shelby Kantar and Jeff McKee. Through Reef Check, SIMA's environmental fund, and the Surfrider Foundation, Body Glove works to preserve the purity of the waters it loves. Body Glove products are sold in the U.S. by a network of independent retailers. Body Glove is also sold in approximately 50 countries internationally.