Body Glove Wetsuits To Appear In Lords Of Dogtown

Redondo Beach, Calif. – June 1, 2005, Body Glove, the first name in wetsuits, is proud to have its wetsuits featured in Lords of Dogtown, set to hit theaters nationwide June 3, 2005. Using today’s cutting-edge fabrics and materials Body Glove recreated the actual wetsuits that the Z-Boys wore in the 1970s for the characters in the new movie.

The film, based on the lives of a group of brilliant young surfers/skateboarders raised on the mean streets of Dogtown in Venice, California, follows the Z-Boys as they move from surfing the waves of southern California to skating the empty pools of its unsuspecting residents.

Body Glove founders Bob and Bill Meistrell started making wetsuits in 1953 in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The Body Glove name is synonymous with the innovative “fit like a glove wetsuit created in the early 50s when the only means to keep warm in cold water were thick diving suits. Because surfers did not like the restricted movement, Body Glove sought out stretchier materials and discovered a substance called G-231, a form of nitrogen-blown neoprene found in the gaskets of automobile taillights. Using this material, combined with innovative stitching, Body Glove wetsuits created a new standard and were the least restrictive wetsuits on the market.

Since its conception in 1953, Body Glove has continued to have an integral role in surf history. In the early 70s, being close to Dogtown, Body Glove sponsored many of the local surfers coming out of Zephyr Surfboard Productions shop (the Z-Boys). The same wetsuits supplied by Body Glove in the 70s can be seen in the upcoming movie Lords of Dogtown.