Bodyboarder Killed By Great White In South Africa

Great White Shark

A leaping Great White shark. Photo courtesy

Bodyboarder Killed By Great White In South Africa

Did chumming in nearby waters lead to deadly attack on 20-year old David Lilienfeld?

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JOHANNESBURG -- A deadly great white shark attack off Cape Town has sparked anger at a documentary maker who was filming shark research in the area.

David Lilienfeld, a 20-year-old champion body boarder, died Thursday after a “huge and aggressive” shark severed his right leg at the hip. In November, Lilienfeld represented South Africa at the World Bodyboard Championship in the Canary Islands.

US-based documentary maker Chris Fischer had been filming “Shark Men,” a documentary program which has aired on the National Geographic channel, in waters near Cape Town.

While South Africa’s environmental authorities previously said the “Shark Men” project was a great opportunity for researchers, and posed no danger to swimmers, some South Africans have accused Fischer’s team of attracting sharks to swimming areas by releasing chum into the ocean.

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