Bombs Away In WA

Early round video highlights from the Drug Aware Pro currently underway in Margaret River, Western Australia. One of the biggest and most powerful waves the WQS sees all year, Margaret River separates the men from the boys.

Consider Aussie upstart Craig Anderson a boy—this is how he described the wave on “I'd reckon it's shit. One word shit. But if I had to give an in depth description I would say a fat left and right. Depends what you're after. If you're after doing cutbacks on a fat wave then it is your wave. I have surfed there a bunch of times and not once have I had any fun. I'd reckon it's absolutely fucken shit." Dion Agius had said, "it usually cops all the swell so it is gigantic. Cops all the wind so it is gigantic and messy. Breaks halfway out to sea, breaks fat, and is surrounded by sharks. So it is a fat, messy gigantic wave surrounded by sharks and halfway out to sea." Looks pretty fun from this angle boys…