Book Reviews That Actually Have Something To Do With Surfing

Usually our book review section is filled with books that you’ll never read. This month, however, we got our hands on some books that you may just be interested in¿that is if you surf, bro.

Surfing Hawai’i:The Ultimate Guide To The World’s Most Challenging WavesPeriplus Action GuidesOur bro Lorca Lueras from Bali worked on this book with his father Leonard. It’s an all-inclusive guide to Hawai’ian waves. It’s a book worthy of coffee table positioning and will make people think you surf in Hawai’i. There’re a million great photos, a handy key that will help you along your virtual tour of “Da Islands.” This book will give you hours of informative and interesting reading while you drop the kids off at the pool, or if your just simply sitting on your couch. Please go to a bookstore and buy this book. Then learn how to read and read it.¿C.C.

Stoked:A History Of Surf CultureBy Drew KampionStoked is more of a book for grown-ups, but children and fathers alike will get a kick out of reading about “surf culture” from early Malibu to more recently, Jaws. There’s a great surfing timeline from birth to explosion of our sport. This is a perfect book to give a surf dad for Father’s Day so he can show his friends that he’s still a cool surfer. Kids, get this book for your dad. Both of you will enjoy it and you can bond. Listen to the song “Cat’s In The Cradle” while you’re reading it together and you might start crying.¿C.C.

The Water’s EndBy Christopher hawkinsMost novels that have surfing in them are pretty cheesball. The Water’s End, however, is an action-packed, romantic, entertaining and exciting book that’s a real page-turner. It’s about this guy who disappears into Mexico to surf, and then he meets this chick who seems all good, but she’s all trouble. It’s a cool story that holds you in and spits you out like a tube. That last line sounded really dorky, but just read this book if you’re on a trip, or if you have some free time. Support people who write books¿instead of renting a movie, read a book.¿C.C.