Boost Mobile Pro Day One Update

Round one of the Boost Mobile Pro is finished. A trials event was held early on and San Clemente’s own Mike Losness, Ian Walsh, Dane Reynolds, and former world champ Tom Curren all made it through to get their shot at the big boys.

They wouldn’t fare well in round one.

Losness took second to Slater, Curren was in third behind Andy Irons and Jake Paterson, Ian Walsh placed third behind Mick Fanning and Darren O’Rafferty, and Dane Reynolds got third behind Taylor Knox and Trent Munro. All of the trialists were regulated to the dreaded round two, where the loser packs their bags and heads home.

Winning their heats and advancing straight to round three was Shane Beschen, Travis Logie, Phil Macca, Kirk Flintoff, Taj Burrow, Taylor Knox, Slater, Andy, Fanning, Paulo Moura, Kalani Robb, Tim Reyes, Lee Winkler, Sunny, and Freddy P.Those surfers with the highest scoring heats today were C.J. Hobgood, Flintoff, T. Knox, Andy Irons, and the day’s highest scorer, ‘CT rookie Tim Reyes, who pulled in 17.16 points with his smooth attack.

An interesting side-note: The heat draw is set up so that if Kelly and Andy both continue to do well, there could be an AI vs. Kelly re-match of the Quiksilver Japan Pro, where just last week Andy beat Kelly in an amazing display of competitive surfing. Stay tuned, the swell is coming, the sun is shining, and the world’s best surfers are right on the doorstep of our office.

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