Boost Mobile Transfers Lower Trestles ASP World Tour License To Hurley

COOLANGATTA, Australia (Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008) – ASP International today announced that the ASP World Tour license for Lower Trestles, California has been transferred from Boost Mobile to Hurley effective immediately. Boost Mobile has sponsored the only event on the U.S. mainland for the past seven years; Hurley has been the presenting sponsor for the last three.

Hurley team rider Brett Simpson at the 2008 Boost Mobile Pro Presented By Hurley.
"The Board of ASP International was approached by Boost Mobile last week to request the transfer of their license to Hurley," ASP CEO Brodie Carr said. "The ASP Board unanimously approved the transfer. Hurley has been supporting the Boost Mobile Pro for a number of years now and the transfer of the license with the associated naming rights was an easy decision for us."

Hurley will take the helm when the ASP World Tour next visits San Clemente, California from September  11-20, 2009. The event will be Hurley's first as the sole sponsor of an ASP World Tour event.

"Every event has its own trademark and Trestles has been the place for high performance surfing," Hurley's Pat O'Connell said. "Each year, the world's best surfers come with a free surf mentality and the desire to make their mark on one of the most rippable waves in the world. Hurley believes in true performance, innovation and free expression, so to have a World Tour event bearing our name on the world's best surfing canvas is a perfect connection."

The Boost Mobile Pro presented by Hurley was a state-of-the-art production boasting incredible live webcast coverage and second-to-none infrastructure in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Hurley has inherited an event deemed a favorite among surfers and fans alike.

"We definitely want to thank Boost for being such great partners and the opportunity to share some historic surfing moments with them and we look forward to progressing to the next level as an ASP World Tour Licensee,” O'Connell said.

Though Boost Mobile will vacate their role as an ASP World Tour event licensee after 2008, their contributions to the Dream Tour will not be forgotten and after working closely with Hurley in recent years, it is expected that the event will continue to be a huge success.

"All of us at Boost Mobile are very proud of our support of the ASP during the past seven years and for having had the opportunity to bring the ASP World Tour back to the U.S. mainland," Boost Mobile's Chris Ernst said. "The timing was right to transition our license to Hurley, our highly valued partner of the Boost Mobile Pro for the last three years. We are confident that Hurley will maintain the high level of integrity and the best in class event that the Lower Trestles tour stop has become known for and maintain relationships with existing strategic business partners to keep the event at a "best on tour" type of program."

ASP International would like to recognize Boost Mobile's commitment to professional surfing over the last several years.

"On behalf of ASP and our surfers we would like to thank Boost Mobile for growing the Boost Mobile Pro into one of the most prestigious events on the ASP World Tour," Carr said. "Our surfers love to come to Trestles and we look forward to the continuing support from Hurley International."