Bourton Shapes Releases The ‘Mini-Mini’

Bourton Shapes is proud to introduce a revolutionary new small wave hybrid surfboard which is bound to raise eyebrows amongst the conservative fish establishment.

Since mastering the APS3000 design program shaper of 38 years Murray Bourton has been cutting loose with one left of centre design after another of which the Mini Mini is the latest and perhaps the most versatile of all. “This idea came to me from simply seeing an old cut down mal on my local beach one day and it occurred to me that this could have a fishy application and could swim in the same school if designed right” explained Murray.

At first glance the Mini looks simple enough but move closer and you will soon discover the science of the cathedral hull which gives the board paddle way beyond its length and would also encourage anyone still alive from that era to pull a Paul Strauch cheater five when no one is looking. Rockers, widths, thicknesses and plan shape are all designed to give the best paddle performance (for a short board) without once interfering with any facet of performance.

The five plug set up which gives you three choices of fin configuration is the most visible concept of this board. There is a ton of thought put into the positioning of the fins so that the board can be ridden as a thruster, a quad or a five finner for the surfer who needs more fin to smash it even harder.

“When designing this board I had a few different markets in mind, for instance the retro guy or the fish head who wants more performance than his ironing board keel design.  Even the Hottie Dad can use this easy to manage board to teach his kids and in between surf lessons can venture out himself and belt a few lips” says Murray.

The Mini Mini is a quirky new design with so many uses that it might take you longer to get to know than the opposite sex but we guarantee it will be more fun along the way.

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