Breaking Down The Flynnstone Flip To Bedrock

After eight years and hundreds of near makes, Flynn Novak has finally perfected his Flynnstone Flip and caught it on video for all the world to see. If you saw his Innersection part then you undoubtedly saw this backflip that he’s got down (unfortunately Flynn got disqualified because some of his clips had been on the internet previously, check out the full scoop on that here).

Described as basically a gainer, the Flynnstone Flip is a backflip that shoots the rider forward because of the forward momentum from the wave. Is it worthy for $50,000 in the Kustom Airstrike event? Maybe Flynn should put that clip up there and see what people think. All I know is nobody else has footage of them doing these, so until then Flynn remains the lone Flynnstone Flipper.

Be sure to check out Flynn going for a repeat at the Ala Moana Bowls Sponsor Me Hawaii 2-star ASP event here once things get going again with some waves down there.